Patricia Simon, São Paulo – lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

Patricia Americano Vidigal Simon, Brazilian photographer born in São Paulo on
March 8, 1979, graduated in Advertising and Publicity from FAAP (2004).
In 2007 she completed the Superior course of Photography at the Panamerican School of Art. She went through several areas, specializing in family for a period of 12 years.

In 2017 she completed the Fine Art course at the International Institute of
Photography and since then she has had a great deal of involvement and interest in
recording themes in a poetic and introspective way.

The image is the most instinctive way of sharing your inner universe. It functions as abridge connecting the real world and the imaginary. This threshold, between reality and imagination, was always something that stimulated her.

In 2018, Patty Simon completed her first author project – “Intimate Mutations” –
which was inspired by some internal transformations. The photographer continues
with her work, drawing inspiration from beliefs and events that are around her reality.