Curatorial text


Eder Chiodetto

A libertarian gesture, erratic and spontaneous, draws in the darkness a bright and iridescent trail.The landscape, caught in photography, transmutes itself by the imitation of Patty Simon’s changes in her subjectivity as a woman and as a creative being, who at a given moment feels the need to go beyond the limits imposed by the elected language technique to be her platform of expression.

The German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a scholar of color theory, understood “that even natural organs like the eye require imagination to see”. According to him, a kind of insight – an apparently spontaneous and immediate grasp of connections – is necessary for the ability of the visible to gain meaning beyond appearances.Therefore, seeing in a complex and whole sense, is related to the process of self-awareness of the human being.

The aesthetic strategies created by Patty Simon, in the series Intimist Mutations/Mutações Intimistas, mirror a need to show this introversion. It is a non-existent landscape, which cannot be perceived to the naked eye, but only through poetics and introspection. Instead of registering the world, the artist transfigures it by blows of light. Photography that is done not only with the eyes, but also with the body and mind in connection with the mysteries of non-dogmatic creation.

Photography-performance that results in the expression of a parallel world through which the artist moves in search of her renewed essence and invites us to unveil her symbolisms. A catharsis that implies a renewed form of perception of the environment. Imagination that prompts the creative gesture through a maze of hazards, since the artist deliberately relies on the instinctive gesture and not the rational one.

This mis-en-scène created by Patty Simon necessarily leads the observer of these provocative works to summon their most free-flowing cognitive processes to pass through these fairy scenes that have the power to lead us to a high state of perception, as Goethe pointed out. Transfigured reality is a poetic and political scene that can lead us to a deeper understanding of life’s purposes. Art and transcendence come together in these intimate and inspiring mutations.